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Over my tenure at Q Data Internet, the organisation changed many times, first it merged with Persetel, the 2nd and 3rd biggest IT corporations in South Africa to form PQ Data. PQ Data went on to buy a German company called Comparex, the holding company for BASF amongst others, and a bunch of other companies around Europe and America to form the largest networking company in Europe. PQ Data decided to rebrand as Comparex Holdings, which was made up of Comparex Africa and Comparex Europe. The Amercian companies retained the Q Data brand.

At the same time Q Data Internet merged with ECnet in South Africa, to become the only e-commerce vendor in the country at the time.

This dynamic for change meant that we had a constant demand for inhouse projects, from company websites through to mainframe integration and Intranet development. I have selected a handfull of these site to show, with the obvious focus being on the Comparex brand.

As well as the digital persona of the company, I was responsible for many design aspects, including Corporate Image, Styleguides and various different below the line resposnsibilities.

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