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Crainiate Software has written a number of application, but mostly is involved in software components. The company itself releases the software for PC mostly, but also does and is doing some development on mac for future products. The flagship product is called ERM Diagram 4.1 which is a Diagraming tool used in flow chatting, networking, organizational, database, process engineering, UML and many other types of business and scientific diagramming applications.

Crainiate is in it's second iteration at the moment(3rd on the way), I designed both sites. I also designed their logo, stationary, CD cases, covers, install screens and application icons. At the same time I have designed special projects for Crainiate, to showcase certain products like the Retina Web Tool.

Project : Logo, CD cover and CD graphics, Corporate Image, Site design, Product Iconography, Install Graphics, Product Logos, Product Sitelets.

Crainiate Crainiate - old site Crainiate - Retina

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