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Our initial brief at from Nissan was to take a site that was being developed in the Macintosh environment, and port it to Windows NT, the reason for this was that Nissan felt that they did not have the skills to support a Macintosh environment. We completed this task within a month and Nissan was delighted with the success.

We were then asked to take the site through a visual upgrade, as they did not feel that the existing site correctly portrayed their Brand. We were giving an extremely short deadline, but once again were successful in achieving this.

In the follow up project we integrated directly into their mainframe, SQL servers, third party systems, even the Microfish automotive parts system was given a make over and moved from microfilm to digital image, with point and click precision. The site was managed entirely through a bespoke Content Management System that allowed identified people within Nissan to easily update or edit their site.

As well as being responsible for Nissan's direct sphere of influence, namely cars, we completed sites for Nissan Diesel and Nissan Forklift.

Project : Strategy, Multiple Site Design, Product Sitelets, Intranet, Extranet, Microfish Part catalogue digitisation, Font design, CD design.

Nissan Nissan Nissan Nissan

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